Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Boxing day haul !

Hello !

Welcome back ! Or if your new here welcome ! Todays post is going to be a boxing day haul. Before I start I want to clarify I am not bragging ive just seen a lot of these posts going around so I thought I would join in !

The first place I went to was lush , ( I was slightly embarrassed to be one of the first ones in the shop ). I headed straight to the sale and picked up my favourite Candy mountain and a gift set which contained some of the delicious snow fairy shower gel and some pink fun which I used in my bath and it created crazy amounts of bubbles ! All of the festive stuff was 50% off so all the more reason to pick up a few of my favourites !

Next I went to Boots and headed straight to where the gift sets are as they are all 50% off. I scanned the packed isles for a soap and glory gift set , which eventually after loads of pushing and shoving I got my hands on a gift set containing the sugar crush scrub , body butter and shower gel. I was beyond happy ! I also picked up a Umberto Gianni gift set containing shampoo, conditioner , hair spray , an overnight hair rescue balm and a large mirror. I was so happy with what I found in Boots.

After my Boots finds I was on a retail high and headed straight to New look but sadly I found nothing :(. Topshop was near buy and I can always find something in there and I did ! I found a stunning black dress with little daisy's on and happily trotted off to the counter and gave them my vouchers !

A shop that I don't usually go to is Clinton cards but when I saw that Yankee Candles were half price I was in there like a flash. I managed to snap up a large jar in the icicle's scent for only £10 !

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